Screensaver Starter

Start Screensaver icon

Start your screen saver whenever you want, without waiting for the timeout period.


  • Honours your security settings: When the screen saver is dismissed, your computer will be locked if you have enabled the option On resume password protect in Display Properties.
    This does not happen if you start a screen saver using the Preview or Test commands in Windows. Even some paid-for (i.e. not free) screen saver starters do not lock your computer.
  • Consumes no background memory or CPU resources.
  • Dismiss the screen saver by typing a key or moving your mouse, as normal.

Requires Windows 2000 or later.


Save the file to a suitable location, e.g.

C:\Program Files\djmclean\

or, on a 64-bit system:

C:\Program Files (x86)\djmclean\

Open your chosen location in Windows Explorer and then drag the application 'StartScr' onto your Quick Launch taskbar. Now you can click the Screensaver Starter icon in your taskbar whenever you want to start your screen saver.

On Windows XP and 2000, for a finishing touch, right-click the taskbar icon, select Properties then click the General tab. Replace the text 'Shortcut to StartScr.exe' with 'Start Screen Saver'.


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