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The universal screen saver.

New! Version 3.0.4, now with multi-monitor support.

Use any web page, HTML file, Shockwave Flash animation, PDF file, JPEG image, or any other file type supported by Internet Explorer as a screen saver.

You could choose your favourite news or financial web site so that you have the latest headlines, weather or share prices when you return to your desk.

Organisations could use it so that idle PCs display your intranet site, or maybe a PowerPoint presentation of your latest news or products.


  • When the screen saver is running, if you press the Caps Lock key the screen saver will stay active when you use the mouse or keyboard. This allows you to click on hyperlinks, for example. When you want to deactivate the screen saver, press the Caps Lock key again and then move the mouse or press any other keyboard key. This feature is optional in case you do not want people to be able to interact with the screen saver.
  • If you tick 'Remove border and scrollbars', the screen saver will not have the border or vertical scrollbar that normally appear. This feature is optional because you might need to be able to scroll the window.
  • When IE8 or later is installed, standards-compliant pages are displayed in standards mode instead of compatibility mode.

New in version 3.0

  • Full multiple-monitor support is now built in. If your computer has more than one display, you can choose what to show on each one. In 'Display', select each display in turn and enter a URL and select a border and scrollbars option for each one.
  • Preview mode is now implemented, so the screen saver shows inside the Display Properties control panel.
  • The context (right-click) menu can now be disabled if you want to prevent people interacting with the screen saver while allowing interaction with the content.
  • Various enhancements for usability and reliability.
  • New in v3.0.2: Avoid access violation error if displays cannot be enumerated.
  • New in v3.0.3: Script errors were not always being suppressed.
  • New in v3.0.4: Avoid possible floating-point error message with certain content.

Requires Windows 2000 or later. HTML5-based content requires Internet Explorer version 9 or later.

Shockwave, Flash, PDF, SVG and other content types may require Internet Explorer to have the correct add-ons installed.

Please note that for Flash-based content, the Flash Player required is the ActiveX version for Internet Explorer, which is a separate download from the Plugin version for other browsers.

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