This software is no longer in development. It is provided here in case you find it useful. However, no support can be offered for this program.

Outlook Express Blocked Senders List Editor

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Easily edit, sort, print, backup and restore your Outlook Express Blocked Senders List.

Removes duplicate and redundant rules. For example, if you have blocked the domain '', you do not need to block '' or ''. The blocked senders list editor built into Outlook Express does not find or remove such redundant rules, and it cannot sort, print or backup and restore your rules. It is also very slow at loading and saving all but the smallest blocked senders lists.

About this version: Although it has been tested thoroughly, no guarantee can be given. Please see Microsoft Knowledge Base article number 276511 and backup your Blocked Senders List before using this version.

This program works only with Blocked Mail Senders, not Blocked Newsgroup Senders. As a beta version, no installer is available and online help is not included, although it is quite simple to use and instructions are provided in the included ReadMe.txt file.

Requires Outlook Express version 5 or later. However, if you are using a version prior to version 6 with Service Pack 1, you really should upgrade to get the latest security enhancements. (Version 5.5 is the latest version that can be installed on Windows 95.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is this software no longer in development?

We no longer use Outlook Express for our own email. Also, maintaining a large Blocked Senders List is not a particularly effective method of dealing with spam. Many ISPs and email services now provide spam filtering. There are a number of free and paid for spam filtering packages available for download or purchase.


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